Thursday, October 30, 2008

I must say for my first time shooting with just a point and shoot Sony 8.1 mega pixel cyber shot im pretty happy with my outcome a friend of mine suggested that maybe a tri pod would help remove some of the blur and grain. im gonna have to jump on that.

As i get older i find my self falling more and more in love with the VIP trend. just look how sick this thing is. this thing sits might proper.

Damn son your shits hotter than hot !!

Risky Devil

So what is Risky Devil you ask ?

well Risky Devil is the Hardest Street crew on the planet........ well at least Chicago. so with that said check out the Site sucka


Me Omar
may his FC RIP

there are more but im to lazy to post all these Mofo's

check out the site

So what up yall !!! i hope its all good where ever you are.

So as i stated this is sorta car blog but not. i haven't really decided and i kinda dont care right now what it will be this is just my first real post so with out further adooooooooooo. my guy Tim at T2Films put this HD Slowmo Drift Vid together and i want to share that shit with all of you.

Touge Factory at VIR slowmo from Tim Tulov on Vimeo.