Friday, March 13, 2009

Dcups changing things up !

Well to be completely honest with you im very biased about this car. I have never been a big fan of the Mazda speed kit but, always thought that it looked pretty good. His old set up on SSR's SP1's was dope I loved the look of Deep off-sets but i guess he is over that look and the concave wheels are in for 09. I love the look of 1pc Wheels and Time attack wheels are always a good choice. 18x10.5 is an even better choice. (i need to run some camber) All in all i would say this is not a drift car or a car that gets to see the track for some grip action its just WAY TOO CLEAN. more of a show stopper but still a bad ass car to say the very least about it. I mean if you saw this thing Crussing up behind you your mouth would open and your jaw would slap the ground. Time attack's in Low Low Off-sets
To be honest i would have to drop the MS wing but the Sanai Diffuser is hot hot hot !!!
His New Single Setup Looks like T78 I dont know just taking a stab in the dark.

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Anonymous said...

His car is falling from my grace...

I liked it better when it was still on the stock twins.

Not a fan of single swaps, mor of a BNR seq. guy myself.

Hey Twins, you shoul check out the oil coolers I have in the works... (there huge)

I'm also all about the GTC front, but it only looks good in black.