Sunday, June 21, 2009

updates on the FD

So i have been having some wire harness issues. so i had to send the car to banzai again. normally i would attempt to fix this but i can assure you i have no clue how to get it out. lol. anyway Chris the owner of banzai asked if i wanted to test fit an RE hood on the FD so i said hell yeah ! anywho here are the pics

Im still not a 100% sure i like how it looks. im gonna need to look at some painted ones and see what it looks like. he gave me a good offer on the hood so we'll see what happens in the next few weeks.


Anonymous said...

Twins, one of the illest aspects of your FD, is the lack of a hood.

Leave it alone.

A great man once said "Hoods are for NAZI's."

I love the visual aspect of your car, it's one of the finest street examples of our cars.

~ Prometheus

DaS said...

get it! like now! and keep it unpainted!

Anonymous said...

duddeee that looks tufff, take it!

Anonymous said...

looks good..although i would prefer it painted in SS met.