Sunday, August 16, 2009

quiet riot.

Has been made.


Anonymous said...

liking the MS sides.
not so sure on the bumper though...
Any plans for the rear? re-a street diffuser would look good, or a sanai maybe.

Anonymous said...

are you ditching the feed skirts? or going to fit them under this?

Anonymous said...

This is a bad idea, your car will fall from grace with this.

You have proven that a stock bodied fd, on properly fitted wheels is a show stopper.

And ditch the hood.

Stock body
feed side skirts
flush fitment
headlight lids missing
purple powercoated madness
puking flames, fumes, noise & smoke.

Equals perfection.

Don't fuck it up. (with all due respect)

Prometheus. O/O

Hoods are for Nazis.

Ceylon said...

I seriously regretted ordering the full FEED widebody after looking at your car. I love your current look.


Ceylon said...

Oh and +1 on diffuser!

Risky Devil
Drift/Street Rodder Club


Carsey Stamos said...

you guys fail to read and your pleading wont stop the hotness that will soon come. DECISION 2009 HAS BEEN MADE.

Carsey Stamos said...

and yes FEED sides are for sale and no not sure when and if i get a diffuser.