Wednesday, November 12, 2008

From Russia With Scorn: Bond Girl Denounced by Communists

Crazy Communist bastards.
Got this from yahoo movies.

New Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko has been getting all sorts of attention recently from Hollywood producers, magazine editors and legions of drooling fanboys. The Ukrainian actress, who plays a Bolivian secret agent opposite Daniel Craig's 007 in "Quantum Of Solace", has also gained ire of the Communist Party of St. Petersburg, which in an open letter on its website condemned her for aiding "the killer of hundreds of Soviet people and their allies." The group's statement describes 007 as "a man who worked for decades under the orders of Thatcher and Reagan to destroy the USSR."

The Communist Party of St Petersburg, a splinter group of the second largest political party in the Russian Duma, has made headlines earlier in the year when it denounced "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" as crude anti-Soviet propaganda and called actors Harrison Ford and Cate Blanchett "capitalist puppets."

The group appealed to Kurylenko, who was born in the former USSR: "The Soviet Union educated you, cared for you and brought you up for free but no one suspected that you would commit this act of intellectual and moral betrayal." Sergei Malenkovich, head of the party's regional organization, further elaborated to the Associated Press, arguing the movie wanted "to show that a Ukrainian girl sleeps with an American. It's a part of information and psychological war." Never mind that Kurylenko's character does not sleep with 007 in the film or that James Bond is, in fact, not American but British.

Her supposed betrayals will be forgiven, the group promised in its statement, if the actress delivers her co-star Craig to the Russian secret service. "Let him tell what other plans are being written in the Pentagon and Hollywood to discredit Russia and drive a wedge between the Russian and Ukrainian peoples."

If the group decides to take more direct measures against the Kurylenko, they might get more than they can handle. The Bond Girl endured some serious training for the movie including some of the finer points of weaponry. She told Maxim Magazine, "I learned about shooting guns, like how to aim and what position to hold it. I also learned how to strip a gun and put it back together. I'm proud to say I can now take a gun apart in eight seconds."

To see more photos of Olga Kurylenko, check out the gallery from the December issue of And to see her train for the action scenes in "Quantum Of Solace," watch the video below.

BTW that olga chick is on fire hot !

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