Monday, November 3, 2008

4th times a charm ?

So for the last 4 years i have been constantly changing and upgrading my 1993 Mazda Rx7. So i pick up this car mid 05. it had some decent mods on it at the time all basic bolt ons.

99 spec turbos
Apex'i filters
Greddy SMIC
Apex'i Power FC
Petit racing Down Pipe
Petit Racing mid pipe
Racing beat single Tip cat back
B&M sports shifter
ACT street Strip Clutch
GReddy Strut bar
Greddy turbo timer
Greddy Profec B spec II
ASA AR1 rims 18x8 18x9
Tokico shocks and eibach springs

After blowing 2 sets of twins and 2 motors in a year i said screw this im not getting my car built by nobody's ever again so i sent the car too A-spec tuning in Chicago Ill where i'm from. i heard a some great things and they had convinced me that they were the shop of shops so i figured why not they made there own turbo kits and they seemed pretty popular around the rotary community.

that was a bad idea, it took them from june to the end of December to put my car together, They lied to me and told me that my car broke the record for GT35R, it didn't. i get the car back and its tuned on C16 when i asked them too tune on pump gas. i asked for a large Street port i got half assed street port. my fuel system sucked ass, they used rubber carburetor fuel lines on fuel injected system (for those that don't know carburetor lines are good for 10psi at most, i was running 40psi of fuel threw there ) they installed twin walbro's and both mysteriously died week after i got the car back and most of my parts were bought at auto zone. I was in a bind because the car drove like crap and bucked all over the place and their warranty said if i got it retuned, That would void the warranty. That sucked because i had no choice.
so the motor went pop, which was expected, so I, shipped the car back to A-spec only for them to refuse too warranty the car because of the retune. needless to say i was not amused and they charged me for storage space and i got a mysterious dent on my rear passenger side.
pictures from the explosion

Apex Seals ate up the GT35R on the way out.

Dented and scuffed Doritos and broke ass apex seals

broke ass rotor housings
well this year i decided to go crazy and i was hell bent on not sending my car to a shop after the last 3 builds. i started Early Febuary and my finsih date was may 1st figured i would be able to build a motor and complete a car within a few months with no prior work commenced...........

Picked up a set of BDC rotor housings with Gangsta ass port work ( monster port )

picked up a set of Stance GR+ Pro Coil Overs with 12k 12k spring rates

picked up a set of NT03+m and had them custom powder coated a color i wanted no one to copy

wrapped and painted my DP DEI with high temp silcon paint and exhaust wrap(yes the zip ties are coming off.)

gutted the interior. im still not sure why i did this
Powder Coated my Intercooler pipes the same color

Pics of my Buddy club Spec II

Look how good the car looks.....
Greddy 3row FMIC kit

FDnewbie Oil Cooler kit
Installed !

i got the car to about here and had to stop because i had no idea what the hell i was doing from this point. So my friends talked me into taking my car to Banzai Racing a few of them had there TII's built their so i couldn't finish the car myself so i figured why not its almost aug and i started this project in February i am ready to drive so i sent the car to banzai and i could not be happier they send me updates when ever they do the slightest thing alert me when i get parts and they set you up with a web site so you can see the progress
heres mine

mod list
Banzai Street port/BDC race port housings

Master Power T70(custom painted)

Greddy 3row

A-Spec down pipe

Tial 44mm wastgate

Blitz Super Sound BOV

Custom fuel system (1680cc x2 850cc x2 Aeromotive FPR, Twin Walbro pumps)

Apex i Power FC

STRI X line gauges (EGT, Boost, oil pressure)

AEM Uego Wide band

Spec Stage 3 Clutch with light weight option. Mid pipe.

Buddy Club spec II cat back

FDNewbie Oil Cooler Kit (2mocal 25row oil coolers, rubber lines, Mocal, thermo stat)

baller ass rotor oil cap

Ceramic ?coated Lower Intake Manifold (LIM)

Custom painted 2.5/3inch inter cooler pipes

Custom painted Upper Intake Manifold (UIM)


Banzai Diff Brace

Banzai oil pan brace

Banzai motor mounts

NRG shorty hub and Quick release

No Carpeting or sound deadening

Nardi Deep cone

Nardi wood grain

Grex/TrusT shift knob

PFC Commander holder.

99spec Tail lights

99spec lip

Enkie NT03+m in ballin blue


JIC front Lower arm bar

Pettit racing rear trailing arms

B&M short throw

piviot lazy eye controller

as of now the car is done banzai was nice enough to keep me posted everytime they found something wrong with the car. like for expample they sent me pics of a-spec masterful work on my fuel pumps just look how well put together these pumps are

the car runs but i made a mistake and jacked up my injectors by adding an extra spacer which got jammed in my LIM...... well the sucks but at least the engine bay looks like this now !

Stay Tuned for more updates on the ol' girl.

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