Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween 08 bitch

So this year i went up to phoenix to kick it for the weekend. took a few pics. i dressed up as a Japaneses tourist. haha

it was mad fun i was hella trashed. started the night off at RA sushi and ended up at ????????. i think i had fun there i remember 2 dudes trying to fight me cuz i kept pushing them, but whatever i was drunk and they wouldn't get out of the way. anyway pictors !

Isabel and I
me and easy E
Lindsy on the right
Isabel and her friend
Death be drunk as hell. haha

My homies
Oz with his got peace shirt over his face. some marines didn't like it to much but i got a kick out of it
i have no idea who this is. but it looks like he's not having a good time. haha
Me and nyna

in conclusion Halloween is the only night were its ok to dress up like an ass.
the end

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