Monday, April 13, 2009

Modified mag Event and meet !

Well i never really posted much i discovered that all the action is up in Phoenix. This weekend happened to be the Modified mag event. i must say 3pm to 1am All action and it rained this weekend so that led to some serious racing.

This Civic was a beast out there and it was fucking loud.

Full race came out and showed there Famous R14 along with many other bad ass rides
Forge performance Skyline was making some mean sounds in the pit area and was killing vettes out on the track.
As the rain came down all the cars came in to put on rain tires

M3's headed to there tents for rain tires

M3 pace car

Im not sure but i can almost sure this car is from the Grand AM series

S14 getting ready to for the drift event

Some Random R33 one of like 3 33's all where GTS.

I had to borrow a Oz's windshield whipper in order to get over to the meet. got on the highway and the rain came down with a furious rage turns out my window whippers don't work at all. after it stopped raining the police where nice enough to give me another ticket for loud exhaust i made it safely. and some of the guys at UMS where nice enough to let me park my car with there skylines and evo's. Here are some pics of my car @ the UMS booth. I didn't take these pics of my car i found these on

Here are some more randoms i found from the event.

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