Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Some Idea's for the FD

Well i know i have been doing alot of talking about what i may and may not get. i think for now. im gonna rock what i have and spice things up. cuz lets face it the car is getting kinda boring......

FEED Hood looks fucking good.

Although I'm up in the air between this and the shine auto project duck bill spoiler

Shine Auto Duck bill leaning towards this

Feed V1 Front bumper. i really love how aggressive it looks.
Although im not really into the CF look of the head light cover. its will be better that not running head light covers. i will prob just get it painted anyway.
Im pretty much in love with this Diffuser

Shine Auto Project wing let things. im gonna rock these as well.


Gebs said...

Haha, your car is going to like my twin!!!

FD3S-K (RX7Club.com)

Anonymous said...

oh shit this is gonna be rad. i can already see it.