Monday, April 27, 2009

Good night sweet prince.

So i didn't get a chance to post these cuz i forgot. but my room mate and i took some pics of his Porsche killer. i honestly have to say that i love this vette more than anything. this car looks KILLER in person. i personally got to drive this mother fucker to 175mph on our way to vegas over the summer. DO U KNOW HOW FAST 1hundred and fucking 75 is !!! one of the most bad ass things i have ever done. i mean once apon a time ago i took the FD to 170 but that was 2 or 3 years ago. back in my wide tire high offset days. just recently we where on our way to snap some more pics with a our buddy rick, and frank another vette owner and Weissy's transmission decided to crap out on him. it will be a while before shes fixed again.

Good night Sweet prince...... for now.


Anonymous said...

hella sweet vette! dam sucks that its down though..

EQH said...

c5's are dope. topping out cars is fun too :]